Four Girls, One Goal – Banish Sugar to the Bin.

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Introducing the team from the left: Ann, Lucy, Mon & Tee.

Welcome to Sugar Addicts Anonymous; where we aren’t so anonymous, and there isn’t so much sugar.
This blog was decided upon by the four of us as a tracking tool and motivational means of staying sugar-free for September. With varying expertise, we will combine our knowledge of food and fitness to encourage others with similar goals.
So sit back, relax, and enjoy following our journey to a healthier way of life.

– M


2 thoughts on “Four Girls, One Goal – Banish Sugar to the Bin.

  1. Love this concept! I’ve been trying to cut back on sugar as well…after reading time and again how terrible it is for you. It doesn’t help that I am *absolutely* addicted to the stuff (I will scarf down half the cookie batch if left to my own devices). Looking forward to hearing about your journey (ies?) as well!

    • Thanks Jess! It’s so good to know that we aren’t alone on our sugar struggle! I must admit, I am quite addicted myself…even to the point that I dreamt about eating it last night! However, I’m finding that there are healthier alternatives available for each meal that don’t require you to compromise the taste. Lucy and I recently baked Coconut and Blueberry Cookies, which tasted amazing and were actually gluten, dairy and wheat free! We even used honey instead of artifical sugars. I will upload the recipe for you shortly if you are interested? Looking forward to hearing your feedback on more of our posts.
      Have a great day 🙂

      – M

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