Sugar Struggles

Only 2 days into Sugar-Free September and I have had to be incredibly strong in turning down many delighful offers.
After a few drinks on the last night of August, my friends and I went for a walk in the valley to find a midnight snack. Unsuccessful I was in doing so, as the bread and low-fat lollies in the store were all still packed with sugar. So back home I went to tough it out with water and rye toast.

The first days will be the worst days of course. I didn’t realise how many times I have been offered sugary foods on a daily basis until I’ve actually had to say no. But over the two days I’ve been enjoying eggs, salads, oats and green thai curries. I’ll post the ingredients to the meals I’ve been having lately. Delicious and nutritious 😉

If I can do it, so can you!

– A


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