Healthy meals


Hey guys, these are some of the meals I’ve been having lately. The first left is my ritual breakfast that helps me get through right to lunch. It’s organic oats with chia seeds, honey, skim milk, apple, banana, strawberries and passionfruit. I also drink a cup of hot lemon water before breakfast, as soon as I wake up as it is known to cleanse the body and fasten your metabolism. Miranda Kerr swears by it so you know it must do something right 😉

I went grocery shopping for snacks that could help diminish my sugar cravings. I’m a sucker for crackers and dip, so a healthy brown, multigrain cracker with hummus was a perfect substitute for this. You can also try tzatziki and guacomole. Making these dips at home with fresh ingredients is a great way to know exactly what you’re putting in your body, and taste much better than buying from the supermarket. But I’m a lazy and busy lass so straight off the shelf was best for me 🙂

Keeping a few raw nuts such as pecans and almonds around are also a great snack. Same with Greek Yoghurt with dried fruits, a simple and quick healthy meal.

My boyfriend is very healthy and always makes sure that his fridge is packed with fresh fruit and veg, which is perfect for when I’m around for dinner! He cooked me this meal on the bottom right consisting of steamed bok choy, yellow capsicum, tomatoes, mushrooms, avacodo, spinach and capers.

Also, we hear it enough, but never forget the importance of drinking water with meals. Often hunger is mistaken for thirst, so aim to incorporate water, coconut water, green tea etc with each meal you have to keep hydrated.

– A.


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