Customising Your Salad



Now, we’ve all heard that people can either be salad lovers or haters. I believe anyone can be a salad lover, if they customise the ingredients based on their own personal tastes. I’m not saying for those chocolate addicts out there to put a mars bar or two amongst their leafy greens, but salads are quite versatile for the healthy ingredients that can be used. In the salad pictured above I used: capsicum, advocado (yep, I’m an avo addict), carrot, red onion, lettuce and marinated feta.
Some other ideas may be: chicken, beans, grapes, cucumber, mushroom, apple, roasted sweet potato, pine nuts, crutons, red cabbage, beetroot…and the list goes on!

Not only are salads a great healthy snack, but they are also packed with amazing nutritional benefits – mainly because the vegetables are consumed raw, rather than boiling/frying the goodness out of them.
We hope this has inspired you to whip up a quick salad snack and would love to hear of any recipes you may have to share.

– M


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